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We are the newest dealer of KYMRON Mini Excavators, tracked dump vehicles, and skid-steers! Q&A Equipment is the newest edition to our group of family-owned businesses that have been around for over a decade. KYMRON excavators are quality machines with the same robotic welds as the leading brands at half the cost!

Over half of the assembly is done by KYMRON technicians right here in the USA. The KYMRON machinery lineup uses world class engines such as KUBOTA, Perkins, Cummins, Yanmar, Briggs & Stratton and Vanguard!

KYMRON Machinery also uses Parker and Eaton hydraulic drives and pumps in some machines, along with the ability to interchange these parts easily if not already included. Most importantly, KYMRON Machinery offers all replacement parts and offers a good powertrain warranty along with support experts to help you down the road!

The Micro Excavators are great for any job you may have! These Excavators can fit through doors for inside jobs, and are perfect for plumbers to lay pipe with buckets available in various sizes! Each Micro Excavator includes pre-installed bucket and thumb attachments for effortlessly gathering and moving objects. We have auger attachments available that are great for creating vertical holes for fenceposts, deck posts, pier footing, and various other jobs! The Skid-steers are perfect for moving gravel! The Micro Track Hoe gives you the ability to move logs, brush, or any other objects, as well as dig trenches, flowerbeds, and more!

Whether you are needing equipment for commercial or personal use, we have the tools for you!

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KYMRON Excavator

Customer Testimonial

"I couldn't be more thrilled with the results of using the KYMRON mini-excavator to create our dream Koi pond and drainage system. The efficiency of this machine made what seemed like a daunting task incredibly manageable.

Digging a 50x50x4 foot Koi pond along with multiple drain lines was no small feat, but the KYMRON mini-excavator made it look easy. Its compact size allowed me to maneuver through tight spaces without compromising on power or performance. The precision of its digging capabilities ensured every dimension was met accurately, giving me the exact depth and dimensions I desired for my pond.

What impressed me most was its versatility. Not only did it handle the excavation of the pond flawlessly, but it also efficiently managed the intricate network of drain lines I needed to install. The machine's stability and control made navigating through the project a breeze, saving me both time and effort.

The end result is a stunning Koi pond that has become the centerpiece of my outdoor space, thanks to the KYMRON mini-excavator. I couldn't have asked for a better tool to bring my vision to life. I highly recommend this machine to anyone looking for reliability, precision, and ease of use in their excavation projects."

-Steve (Paducah, KY)



South Carolina

December 2023




December 2023

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