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New 2024 KYMRON ZXL60 Forklift. This Forklift has an option of a Kohler Diesel engine or a dual fuel Mitsubishi. The Kymron Forklifts come in a viriety of color options to fit your needs. 


The forklift weights 5 Tons and is capable of carrying 6,000 lbs allowing it to handle demanding jobs. The ZXL60 has a three directional mast, with side shift factory installed. The ZXL60 forklift comes with a backup alarm, lights, and turn signals. This machine comes with the upgraded seat cushion to make operating comfortable as well as an LED back lighting display on the console. 


Standard Included Features:

-3-year powertrain warranty

-63 HP Engine Mitubishi Psi EPA4
-Rated Capacity 6,000 lbs.
-Machine Weight 10,000 lbs.
-Weight Distribution full load (front/ rear) 14,500/1,600 lbs.
-Weight Distribution zero load(front / rear)3,800/5,650 lbs.
-Load Center 20 in
-Fork size 42*5*2 in
-Max. Drive Speed 11 mph
-Rated Torque 118 ft-lb/1,800rpm
-Fuel Tank Capacity 15 gal
-Front Tyres Pneumatic 28*9-15-12PR
-Rear Tyres Pneumatic 6.50-10-10PR
-Driving Brake Hydraumatic Pedal
-Parking Brake Mechanical Manual
-Lifting Speeds (with/without full load) 440/480
-Lowering Speeds (with /without full load) 450/500
-Max. Grade Ability (with/without full load) 20/20%
-Max. lifting height of mast with Load-backrest 235 in
-Max. Lifting Height of Fork (Standard) 185 in
-Height of Mast (Standard) 81 in
-Free Lifting Height (Standard) 6 in




-Overall Width 48 in

-Min. Ground Clearance 5 in

-Wheel base 67 in
-Height of Load-backrest 49 in
-Distance from seat to overhead guard 39 in
-Overhead Guard Height 85 in
-Length with Fork/without Fork 148/106 in
-Front Overhang 19 in
-Rear Overhang 19 in
-The Height of Traction Pin 12 in




-The Distance Between Forks 42/10 in
-Tread (Front /Rear) 39/38 in
-Min. Turning Radius (Outside) 94 in
-Min. Turning Radius (Inside) 8 in
-Min. Intersecting Aisle 94 in
-Mast Tilt Angle 6°/12°


Low cost of ownership and very affordable price compared to a big brand unit which would run you upwards of $45,000. Come try one out and put it to the test! Save yourself all the money from rental or forklift costs and own a unit today. 

KYMRON ZXL60 Forklift 6,000lbs lifting Diesel, propane, or Gas

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